Fire Tools Created By Dancers, For Dancers

About Us

The artistry continues...

Fire by Dancers is fueled by a passion for dance, dedication to easeful artistry, and a burning desire to explore past where the sidewalk ends...  We long for seamless fusion of dance, art, and personal expression.  This results in amazing tools that are designed with the dancer in mind!

We began in 2003, when Fire By Riz met Johanna Zenobia, Karen Sun Ray, and Kimberly Freed at Spirit of the Tribes in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  Upon realizing they all lived just a few miles apart, the girls were soon mentoring under experienced fire performer Riz.  

Impressed with their savy and skill, Riz sought their input as he began crafting special tool designs.  The ladies wanted something that would not hamper their dancing, but augment their talents, with safety and ease of use at the forefront of their concerns.  The collaboration continued when Riz produced the world’s first Intro to Fire Belly Dancing DVD, featuring Johanna instructing use of Fans, Palms, Sword, and Belt.  The DVD featured an amazing sunset performance by Johanna and Karen at Sacred Lands, where Hip Expressions continues fire shows ‘Tribal Burn’ to this very day.

In 2018, as life led Riz in a Westerly direction, threatening the halt of production of these dancer-designed tools, the torch was passed to Johanna to continue the tradition.  After a short mentoring period with Riz on how to produce these ingenious props, the flame was passed on and Fire By Dancers was born!  With the same spirit and passion for fire dance, safety, and quality that Riz put into Fire By Riz.

Now, the tools continue to be designed ‘by dancer, for dancers’ as Riz originally intended.  Johanna is thrilled to carry on the original artistry of her fire mentor.  

You’ll find dancers all over the world performing with these infamous props.  Stop by Hip Expressions Belly Dance Studio in St Petersburg, Florida, and see for yourself why Fire By Dancers products are preferred by dancers!